Friday, May 30, 2014

Pushkar mela- Rajasthan

Pushkar 5.10 sq km village. 

Our 1st question was what will we do there for 8-10 days. Internet may or may not be there, roads may or not be there, food may or may not be good etc.
So we planned a 5 day stay in this village. 

glow in the dark, Kurta shop 

We were 8 friends who planned to the trip to rajasthan 2 months before the mela time. By the time came 2 people canceled and other 2 decided to come only for 3 days. So 4 of us left reached city of Ajmer, and started querying about famous Ajmer durgah. Locals said "you are not allowed to take luggage 
inside, plus it will be crowded at this time of the day."
So we took a 20 min. drive to Pushkar

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